Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Mounting silk 2, finished piece

Put the mounted silk in. Here it is.

To protect the silk, put it behind glass or non-reflecting something. I did not put glass here because I was taking photo with flash in night (1:30am).

The frame was a very inexpensive one. You may choose a better one with matting.

This piece of silk was a special. It was painted on September 1, 2005. Technically, it was the beginning stage of a new style of my silk painting. I started to use colour blending in my painting.

I started the big leaf with green, then the small leaves green also, then I found that this painting needed nothing but green. How boring! To differentiate the leaves, I put yellow in some leaves, water in some others and blue in the rest. Then the whole painting stood up. I could see the young tender leaf vs the old broken ones. I also saw the layer and distance of the leaves. At the end I put some cyan here and some royal blue there as background. It came out pretty dark as it was still wet.

Half an hour later, I checked it again. The yellow in the green brightened up and the blue darkened down. It was such a mysterious secenery that I could never imagine! The joy was beyond ... words.

Mounting silk 1, tape the hankie to a card board

Attach the silk tightly to a piece of white card board with strong tape. Here I used 3M Scotch Crystal Clear Tape.

Here, I have a frame of 25cm x 25cm. (10 x 10 inch). The silk hankie has to be mounted tightly and taped strongly so that the front side look flat and sleek.